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Review of related literature on gambling

Review of related literature on gambling casino windsor windsor on

Many historians and other writers have noted patterns of behaviors that resemble current descriptions of clinical symptoms of gambling problems e. Fear of a loss of control by his soldiers due to gambling caused King Richard the Lion-Hearted to gamgling dice playing during the crusades Fleming, Freud was particularly interested in why people would deliberately seek out and repeat self-destructive behaviors.

This review included consideration of over 4, gambling-related references, of which approximately 1, were determined to be related to pathological or problem gambling. In its review and assessment of the contemporary research on pathological and problem gambling, the committee examined the diverse and frequently debated issues regarding the conceptualization of pathological gambling, its prevalence and effects on individuals and society, its causes and cooccurrences with other psychiatric disorders and substance abuse, what we know about preventing and treating it, and the role of technology in the development of gambling. Gambling Concepts and Nomenclature 15—62 3: That same year, a gambling operation involving student athletes from the University of Rhode Island and Bryant College was uncovered. The self-help fellowship was founded on the belief that character changes within gamblers themselves were necessary to ameliorate gambliny gambling and its effects, and that changes could be made by adopting spiritual principles used by those recovering from addictions Gamblers Anonymous, The chapter also lays a foundation for our review of the scholarly literature pertaining to the extent and delated of pathological gambling, its social and economic effects, and its treatment.

In total, 81 family-focused and/or gambling-related articles, books, reports and government documents were incorporated in this review. The Extent and Nature of Gambling Among Collage Student Athletes. research on similar populations, on activities related to gambling, or from expert opinion. This literature review was undertaken by Ms Bec Henderson, Gamblers Help at . Gambling in this group was found to be heavily related to a transitional phase.

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